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[release] OVH Release 3 - v3.34

31/10/2014, 15h09

We have released new updates to OVH Release 3 today.

Since the features added with the last patches have now proven
functional and stable, we're now going to leave the "BETA" phase
with v3.34.

Changelog 3.33 and 3.34:
- postfixadmin: update to 2.3.7
- update phpMyAdmin to 4.1.14-6
- update php to 5.3.3-27
- update bind to 9.8.2-0.3G

As always, you can update using the patch-all scripts or the web
interface. Any feedback about the updates is very welcome.

Note that you are also encouraged to run "/usr/bin/yum update" regularly
in order to pull (not only) security updates from CentOS's repositories.
Since Wednesday they carry packages for CentOS 6.6, so it's a good
opportunity to do so!

Best regards,